Fast and Smooth viewing. Full gesture support

There is no annoying lag when scrolling between photos. Picturen providers user fast and smooth scrolling, especially in full screen viewing. Besides, pinch zoom, double tap zoom, and single tap zoom also available when viewing photos, control your photos more easily.

Multiple photos uploader and support multiple account

User can upload, edit title and description of uploading photos, or remove photos from upload list easily. User can also stop or pause uploading task whenever you want. Besides, uploading works in background, user can do other works at the same time. Picturen also supports multiple account and let user upload photo to multiple online album.

Pinch Zoom, Pan, Subtitle supported video player

Picutrne Lite support video playback. User can pinch zoom the video while playback. User can also pan the screen that user wants to see after zooming.  Besides, video player supports subtitle file, control screen light while playing. Video playback in Picturen Lite give you fancy experiences.


Multiple themes support

Picturen provides you different themes let you customize your own Picturen app for different devices and mood, and more themes will be available.

Taken photo and share immediately

Picturen provides action button in each page, let user change to camera and take photos easily. Photos will be auto saved to album which user change to camera. User can share photo immediately after taking picture.

Google Map integration

User can easily see information of photo includes its location. Picturen combines Google Map and address in information window, do not need to change to Browser or Google Map application. Let user check information more easily.

Support hidden albums and password protection

User can hide albums in Picturen. There is a virtual collection in Picturen to control all hidden albums. You can also easily set password to protect hidden albums.

Slideshow playback with music

You can use Picturen as a digital photo frame. You can show your photos to your friends and families with different slideshow animation and music.

More clear wallpaper

User can crop via Picturen to crop more clear wallpaper.

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